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Sheffield Business Park offers Car Share Scheme for 2 or more people to share their journey to work. It’s easy, flexible and massively helps reduce fuel costs and parking problems. Many professionals have to deal with stress when travelling to work; whether it’s because of traffic congestion, relying on public transport or financial issues. The Car Share Scheme is available to try and resolve these problems and plays a part in helping the environment by reducing pollution through reducing multiple car travel.

All employees on the park can benefit from the Car Share Scheme and find other employees who experience a similar journey to work. Benefits of car sharing include:

•    Save money – half price petrol
•    Reduce congestion
•    Easier to park – less cars = more parking spaces
•    Meet new contacts – potential business networking opportunities

It’s a simple process to sign up to the Car Share Scheme, just register your details on the link below, add your journey information to the system and it will find employee matches for you who share a similar journey.
Sign Up to the Car Share Scheme

Sheffield Business Park has also liaised closely with Sheffield City Council to devise and develop a Framework Travel Plan to provide the occupiers of the park up to date information on and to encourage employers to use more sustainable methods of transport.

Click on the link below to download our PDF on the Framework Travel Plan.

Framework Travel Plan

All of these travel options are in place for occupiers of Sheffield Business Park and have been developed to encourage employees to use the most effective ways of transportation to help the environment and to cut fuel costs. Visit our website for more information or contact Dawn Kennedy-Burns, our Travel Plan Coordinator on 0114 296 0000 or email

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